2018 Rocky Mountain Roundup show dates announced

The Wild West Cat Fanciers is excited to announce the official dates for the the second annual Rocky Mountain Roundup 2018 TICA Cat Show.

The next show is scheduled for Saturday-Sunday, June 2-3, 2018, and will be held once again at the Hotel RL Salt Lake City.  Entry into the show will open on February 1, 2018 through February 29, 2018 for the Super Early Bird entry pricing, March 1-31, 2018 for Early Bird pricing and from April 1 through May 28, 2018 standard pricing until the catalog closes on the 28th so that the catalog can be processed and printed in time for the show.

Stay tuned for additional information regarding judges and times for the show.  We look forward to seeing you at the Crossroads of the West in Salt Lake City in June 2018.

WWCF’s 2017 Show Catalog competes

The Wild West Cat Fanciers leaders were informed at this weekend’s TICA Annual Cat Show and Awards Banquet at Corpus Christi, Texas that our 2017 Rocky Mountain Roundup Cat Show Catalog is being submitted for competition along with other club’s catalogs during the 2017-2018 TICA Show Season for “Catalog of the Year.” 

We are humbled and excited to be considered for this honor, however since our show is among the very first shows of the new show season each year, we won’t know the outcome for this competition until next year’s Annual Awards Banquet, scheduled to take place on Labor Day Weekend in Birmingham, Alabama in 2018.

WWCF thanks its official club artist, Tracy Butler, for this amazing image and all of our sponsors and participants and look forward to promoting our 2018 show in the next few months!

Recap Report – 2017 Rocky Mountain Roundup TICA Cat Show

Salt Lake City, UT – This weekend marked the Inaugural Cat Show for the Wild West Cat Fanciers TICA Cat Club, the 2017 Rocky Mountain Roundup, which was held in the Wasatch/Cascade Ballroom of the Hotel RL (formerly the Red Lion) Salt Lake City.  This 125-max entry Alternative Format cat show showcased a total of 77 cats and kittens from all around the country.  The 2017 Rocky Mountain Roundup was sponsored by Dr. Elsey’s Quality Products for Cats, the Cottonwood Animal Hospital, Paw Paws Dog Wash, Spa and Boutique and Fedex Office Services.

Special marketing materials were designed by the club’s official artist, Tracy J. Butler from St. Louis, MO.  She is best known for her graphic novella series, Lackadaisy.  You can see much of her work at her website here.

Fourteen prestigious official judges evaluated all entrants in three rounds of judging as exhibitors and spectators looked on.   The new club provided five brand new judging stands, made from solid materials and lighting provided by IKEA spot lights at the top of the platform, and two scratching posts adorned on opposite ends of the table, supporting the light fixtures.

Each exhibitor was presented with brand new rosettes for the individual ring awards, and categories included long-haired and short-haired kittens (4-8 months of age), champion cats (unaltered cats), alters, and household pet cats and kittens.  Spectators purchased entry tickets to watch the judging and meander throughout the show hall as they learned about the various breeds of cats being exhibited at this year’s show.  Raffle tickets were also sold as an additional revenue source for the show.  The raffle was extremely popular and very profitable for the club.

Comments from exhibitors, spectators and the leadership of TICA indicated that our inaugural show was a smash hit among all attendees.  After all expenses were accounted for, the club was able to keep the show in the black, thus making a future show possible. WWCF wishes to thank all who participated and helped with setup and take down of the show rings, cages and tables and chairs.  We are truly grateful for all of the encouragement and guidance we received and look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

WWCF Announces the 2017 Rocky Mountain Roundup

The Wild West Cat Fanciers, Tristan Anderson and Chase Long are proud to announce the inaugural Rocky Mountain Roundup TICA Cat Show, scheduled to take place on June 3-4, 2018 at the Hotel RL Salt Lake City.  This is the club’s first show and will be an “Alternative Format” show, maxing out at 125 entries.  Fourteen (14) judges have been invited to participate in three judging rings over the weekend.  An education seminar will also be included during the show.

Entry into the show will open on February 1, 2017 for Super Early Bird rates through February 28, 2017.  The TICA Online Entry System (T.O.E.S.) will be used to enter the show, PLUS a Summary Sheet (link coming soon) will be needed to finalize entries.

WWCF is excited to announce that Helmi Flick Cat Photography will serve as the show’s official photographer and Helmi will begin taking reservations soon.  Visit http://helmiflick.com for details.

Send inquiries to WWCF at info@wildwestcf.com

The Wild West Cat Fanciers becomes a reality!

The International Cat Association and the Mid-Pacific Region is proud to announce the creation of a new cat fancy in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The Wild West Cat Fanciers is TICA’s newest cat club and was the brainchild of Tristan Anderson and Chase Long, owners of AURYN Maine Coon Cattery.  The new club fills in a huge gap on the geographic map of cat clubs and shows around the Rocky Mountain area of the United States.  TICA issued a charter certificate for the club in September 2016.

Previously, the Utah Royal Cat Club was the TICA club that represented its membership in Utah, Eastern Nevada, Western Colorado, Southern Idaho and Southwestern Wyoming.  After they disbanded in 2011, there was a definite void that was felt in the Mid-Pacific Region.  WWCF truly satisfies that void and its membership is excited to represent.

TICA’s International President, Fate Mays, praised the new club’s founding, “I am excited to see this new club emerge in Utah.  We have enjoyed cat shows in the Salt Lake City area in the past, and this new club will certainly reintroduce the public to the hobby of cat ownership and stewardship.  Welcome to the family!”

Membership in the Wild West Cat Fanciers is open to all interested persons who are members in TICA in good standing.  For more information about TICA, go to http://tica.org.