2021 Rocky Mountain Roundup Announcement

Dear Cat Fancy Enthusiast!
We are hopeful that you and your family and loved ones (including the furry ones too) remain healthy and safe during what we hope are the waning days of this global pandemic of COVID-19.
We here at the Wild West Cat Fanciers have been working hard behind the scenes with local and state agencies to determine our course of action regarding our plans for the 2021 Rocky Mountain Roundup TICA Cat Show, scheduled for Saturday-Sunday, June 5-6, 2021.
After consulting with officials at the Utah State Department of Health, the Utah State Governor’s Office and the Office of the Mayor of the City and County of Salt Lake, we have concluded that it is simply not possible for us to continue our plans for an event for this year.  While the State of Utah has been very efficient in beginning the task of vaccinating the public against COVID, the officials and experts in this effort do not feel confident that the current public gathering restrictions will be relaxed enough or rescinded in time for our scheduled event.
As you know, the planning and execution of such an event takes many hours of planning, many hours of tireless work behind the scenes and takes precious financial resources to make the event a success and one that would be affordable for the majority of our exhibitors.  We know that other TICA Clubs around the country have been able to begin hosting some shows with some success, our show is heavily reliant on spectator attendance to help defer the costs of producing our event each year.  Without the participation of the public, we don’t feel it would be wise to continue our pursuit of a 2021 show nor would it be fiscally responsible for us to do so.
We know you all understand the need to balance our desire to exhibit our wonderful felines with the safety of the local community and the financial health of our club.  Therefore we encourage each and everyone of you to mark your calendars for Saturday-Sunday, June 4-5, 2022 for our next Rocky Mountain Roundup TICA Cat Show.  We will keep you updated on the progress we make in the months to come and encourage you to support the clubs who are able to produce a viable show in TICA this coming year 2021!
Please feel free to forward this to other interested parties who may have been looking forward to our annual event.  See you around on the circuit this year!  
Warmest Regards,
Tristan Anderson

President, Wild West Cat Fanciers

A TICA Chartered Cat Club
(844) 448-9923