The Wild West Cat Fanciers becomes a reality!

The International Cat Association and the Mid-Pacific Region is proud to announce the creation of a new cat fancy in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The Wild West Cat Fanciers is TICA’s newest cat club and was the brainchild of Tristan Anderson and Chase Long, owners of AURYN Maine Coon Cattery.  The new club fills in a huge gap on the geographic map of cat clubs and shows around the Rocky Mountain area of the United States.  TICA issued a charter certificate for the club in September 2016.

Previously, the Utah Royal Cat Club was the TICA club that represented its membership in Utah, Eastern Nevada, Western Colorado, Southern Idaho and Southwestern Wyoming.  After they disbanded in 2011, there was a definite void that was felt in the Mid-Pacific Region.  WWCF truly satisfies that void and its membership is excited to represent.

TICA’s International President, Fate Mays, praised the new club’s founding, “I am excited to see this new club emerge in Utah.  We have enjoyed cat shows in the Salt Lake City area in the past, and this new club will certainly reintroduce the public to the hobby of cat ownership and stewardship.  Welcome to the family!”

Membership in the Wild West Cat Fanciers is open to all interested persons who are members in TICA in good standing.  For more information about TICA, go to